25 April 2010


I love birds. So I was naturally very excited to see this mural put up by the Jurong Bird Park in the North-East line MRT station on 3 Apr 10.

Frankly, I have not visited the JBP for a long time but when I did, I always have a great time. I remember fondly the aviary containing birds that seemed to roam so freely. That was where my primary school classmate got a deep gash on the sole of his foot when he walked on the sharp rocks below the waterfall. The crown crane also reminded me of how gifted my other primary school classmate was because he drew a most beautiful hand drawing of it back then. In fact, he had parrots and cockatoos in his house then at Bukit Merah. Their logo used to be a coloured wing that I found to be simple yet befitting of this attraction. Now they have it replaced.

Anyway, I love these colourful birds. Interestingly at Australia recently, I noticed their ibis were just gathering and walking amongst people along the Brisbane esplanade, just like our mynahs, without displaying any fear of humans. Hmm, they are such sociable birds.

This red parrot also captured my attention since I just took the photos of a live one the day before.

Then I saw butterflies on the mural! And an extinct one too. I was delighted to see the Clipper above the Bird of Paradise. Then there were the Tiger and Eggfly beside the pelican and crowned pigeon. Interesting!

By the way, the landscaping that was depicted is natural and nice too. Would I visit this attraction? I would love to.........