15 February 2013


I watched this movie a few weeks back and this is yet one of those movies adapted from a fairy tale. It stars Jeremy Renner, the sorely missed Gemma Arterton and Famke Janssen, and tells the tale of two children who escaped from the claws of a witch who lived in a candy house as kids to grow up as witch hunters.

Little did they know that they weren't really abandoned by their parents when they were kids. This was far from the truth. Instead, their mother was a powerful good white witch who refused to use her powers to harm the villagers who hanged her husband to death and burnt her to death. She sent the children away in a bid to protect them from being persecuted. In their hunt to exterminate an entire group of dark witches, the adult siblings chanced upon the truth about their parentage.

After Hansel lost his new found love in another good white witch in the battle with the dark witches, they managed to eradicate all of them and continue to live on as witch hunters.