19 June 2013


There was this flock of beautiful Scaly-Breasted Munias feeding on the seeds of the long grasses. These birds have grown accustomed to the lush surroundings of the gardens and are frequently seen. So far, I have not seen the Javan Munia here though.

In Bay East, I noticed a beautiful Painted Jezebel flitting on the flowers of the Carphalea kirondron and was poised to capture better photos of it until I got a shock. It suddenly flapped its wings towards the opposite direction and when I looked closely, I saw it being clenched tightly between the jaws of a lizard. Oh my gosh, it was like now you see it now you don't. One moment it was flying merrily and just a split second later, it ended up as food for the lizard camouflaged amongst the plant. It looked like a young butterfly but sadly it would never get the chance of breeding anymore. This is the cruel side of nature.