13 October 2013


This South Korean disaster movie stars Jang Hyuk as a rescue worker Jigu, Soo Ae as a doctor and single mum Kim In-hae, Park Min-ha as Mirre and Cha In-pyo as the President. I had high expectations of this movie but it didn't move me at all.

I had actually hoped that the movie would elicit feelings of suspense and fear much like "World War Z" but I felt none of these. The pace was just alright and I almost fell asleep midway in the midst of chaos and pandemonium on screen.

Jang Hyuk was funny and cute as always with many of his earlier movies but that can only carry a movie so far. If there was one scene that almost had me shed a tear or two, it would have to be the one where the young Mirre, the daughter of In-hae, threw herself with arms and legs outstretched in front of a firing squad and wailed for them not to shoot at her mum. Nothing else came close. For a young girl of her age, I felt her acting was great and convincing.

I thought the movie had potential to be good and I can't really tell what was wrong except that it really didn't connect with me at all. The movie's message read "try to remain calm" and the problem was I was too calm all throughout the movie. What a great disappointment!
Jang Hyuk as Jigu

Soo Ae as Kim In-hae
Park Min-ha as Mirre