11 May 2014


Crescentia cujete (Calabash Tree)
It is time to post about Bay South after such a long break. I will let the photos, which are many by the way, to do the talking.
fruit of the Calabash Tree which is pollinated by bats

the variegated Axonopus

close-up of the variegated grass

the white flower Lagerstroemia

the white flowers

a fruiting Sterculia at Satay by the Bay car park

the red fruits

how many ducks do you see?

one behind the Typha

two more behind another clump of Typha

there were two more in the open area
a splash of orange in the distance

it was a flowering Red Flame

part of the Lily Pond

one of the Kingfisher sculptures

a Little Heron

I thought the combination of orange and purplish-pink is refreshing

another Kingfisher sculpture

the entrance to the Children's Playground 
the Sun Pavilion which I shall talk about another time

plants at the Sun Pavilion

the Adenium obesium (Desert Rose)

I have yet to step in to take photos of this newest attraction

climber at Indian Garden

what interesting black fruits of this climber

a bird's nest

the Firmiana malayana

orange flowers of the Firmiana

the Lychee Tree donated and planted by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on 20 Jan 13

a new branch

this is the season for the Camellia changii to flower

one side has more light than the other?

close-up of the brick red flowers

one of my favourite Justicia brandegeeana (Shrimp Plant)

do they look like shrimps?

close-up of the flowers

the Sterculia macrosperma is recovering

the gorgeous flowers

close-up of the flowers

close-up of the bracts of the Justicia

there are still a number of new buds

the Carpentaria acuminata palm

bees pollinating the flowers

one of my favourite climbers Mexican Flame Vine

the Aristolochia acuminata / tagala climber

the Dutchman's Pipe flowers

an interesting Billy Goat weed related plant

I love strolling through this part of the World of Palms

a striking cluster of red Caladium bicolor

an amazingly beautiful Calathea

bird's eye view from the Skywalk

Singapore Flyer at the background

the Chinese Garden

fan palms in the Supertree Grove

more fan palms

the bridge linking to MBS

the Dragonfly Bridge

the Skywalk is about 24 m high

the twin Dragonfly sculptures and Bayfront MRT exit

close-up of the Dragonflies

close-up of the MRT exit and shutter service station

view of the Colonial Garden from the Skywalk

Marc Quinn's "The Planet" sculpture viewed from Skywalk

shadow of the Supertrees cast onto the lawn

view of the Marina Barrage and ships at sea

close-up of Marina Barrage and sea

the tallest Supertree is occupied by Indochine at the top

the Children's Playground

the Silver Garden

another Dragonfly overlooking the lake

a panoramic view

it was a long day and it was time to head home