23 March 2015


I watched "Dragon Blade" a few weeks back. Directed by Daniel Lee and starring Jackie Chan as Commander Huo An who is the leader of the protection squad of the Western regions of the silk road during the Han Dynasty, the Korea star Choi Siwon as his deputy Yinpo, John Cusack as Roman General Lucius, Adrien Brody as the Roman heir Tiberius and a cameo by Feng Shaofeng, this movie was quite entertaining given its rather interesting cast.

In a very cliche way, it started of in the modern day with a 2 members archaeological team led by Vanness Wu and Karena Lam who found an ancient city buried under the sand and through laser projection and satellites imaging, and managed to reconstruct an image of how the city used to look like before the story progressed into the past.

I am not a fan of Jackie Chan and guess I will never be but I always admire his amazing ability to kick butt and execute all those moves despite his age. Siwon has screen presence but his role was really minor and kind of insignificant, in my opinion. I am not sure why but I do find it a bit strange to see both American actors Adrien and John and their legion of armies in this movie. Of late, Adrien Brody seems to be taking on more baddie roles than before.

The movie ended in the modern day again with both Vanness and Karena marveling at the greatness of this site before deciding to leave the ruins as a part of forgotten history so that it remained untainted by humans. 
Commander Huo An

the brotherhood of the protection squad

Tiberius, Huo An and Lucius