08 June 2015


I watched this movie weeks ago and I seriously don't remember the Mel Gibson and Tina Turner version, so I couldn't do any comparison.

Starring Tom Hardy, whom I knew would go far after the 'Inception' movie and he did in 'The Dark Knight Rises', as well as Charlize Theron, this genre of movies of a post-apocalyptic world in a desert wasteland has little appeal on me. However, I like both leads as Max and Furiosa respectively, and was pleasantly surprised to see Nicholas Hoult, who was still strangely cute as the war boy Nux.

Furiosa drove five mistresses of the Immortan Joe to escape from the Citadel where they were held captive as breeders to produce offspring for the tyrant leader. With the aid of Max, Nux and few surviving members of her clan, they escaped further into the desert just to make a turn back to confront Joe and his legion of warriors, before defeating them and returning back to the Citadel.

If given better movie choices, I wouldn't pick to watch this movie though.

Max held captive

a war born and raised boy Nux

who can resist the frowned expression of Nux?

Hugh Keays-Byrne as Immortan Joe

Zoe Kravitz (extreme left) seemed to be appearing in a number of recent movies