01 July 2015


the pairing of Chris and Bryce was fresh
The first 'Jurassic Park' movie came out in 1994 and I absolutely loved it. Two movies later, it ended its run in 'Jurassic Park III' in 2001.

14 years later, I was so looking forward to watch this 2015 movie, especially when it starred the smothering hot Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. This movie could be considered as a sequel to the original movies because the settings and scenes were all from the original Isla Nublar and I am very heartened and thrilled that the makers of this movie Universal Pictures took all the trouble to draw links between the old and new movies. This is really a movie with a heart.

Chris was Owen Grady, a specialized trainer of velociraptors and Bryce was Claire Dearing, the Operations Manager of the revamped Jurassic World. Irrfan Khan, actor from "The Life of Pi" and B.D. Wong, the only cast from the first movie who played the same role, are the other key actors.

So I must say I utterly enjoyed this movie very much and the success formula from the original movies was refreshing in this day and age of CGIs and the good script with genetically hybrids of dinosaurs, which remind one of the perils of playing god, was definitely one of the key ingredients of this box office hit. However, I feel the casting of Bryce was not one of the better choices because she seemed to be forgettable.

I certainly hope there is another sequel.
I think Chris has a lot of presence and charisma

Owen beside one of his velociraptors

the famous trainer's pose adopted by many animal trainers after the movie

Zach and Gray, the two boys are nephews of Claire
the main villain of the movie - the genetic dinosaur hybrid Indominus

one of the scenes reminiscent of the original movie

the biggest dinosaur of the movie - Mosasaurus devouring a great white shark

another scene from the original movie