11 October 2015


the stamp frame is really cool!
I haven't been blogging here for a while because of 2 main reasons:
  • I was busy with some project stuff and
  • I had a problem with my very slow wifi for months since June and uploading photos etc took hours that I gave up and the problem has been resolved recently.
So here I am, posting some photos that I took some time ago. This one was on the SG50 display in the Flower Dome.

orchids is one of the themes

wow, this really looked like a picture postcard!

I love the use of the slate tiles too!

cherry blossoms at this time of the year!

Echinaceas!! Cool.

what an amazing view!

this is one of my favourites

the orchids were everywhere!

Such lovely Guzmanias!

the reds and whites surround a centerpiece

close-up of the beautiful Cherry Blossoms

now this warrior Merlion appears to be the centerpiece

view of the Merlion through the stamp frame

what an amazing Dahlia flower!

another beautiful Cherry Blossom

another unique Cherry Blossom