22 November 2015


This post is long overdue since the photos were taken on 12 Jun 13. The Arrival Grove of Bay East is planted with a number of fruit tree species such as the following:

  • Solanum wightii (Family: Solanaceae)
  • Averrhoa bilimbi; Common Name: Belimbing; Family: Oxalidaceae)
  • Anacardium occidentale (Common Name: Cashew Tree; Family: Anacardiaceae)
  • Phyllanthus acidus (Synonym: Averrhoa acida; Common Name: Malay Gooseberry; Family: Phyllanthaceae)
  • Manilkara zapota (Common Name: Chiku; Family: Sapotaceae)
  • Averrhoa carambola (Common Name: Starfruit; Family: Oxalidaceae)
  • Gnetum gnemon (Common Name: Melinjau, Belinjau; Family: Gnetaceae)

Solanum wightii

flowers of the Solanum

the nasty thorns on the petiole and the underside of the leaves

Averrhoa bilimbi

flowers and fruit

Anacardium occidentale

pear-shaped hypocardium (top) and kidney-shaped drupe (bottom)

a ripening fruit


a parasitic wasp

Phyllanthus acidus

fruit of the Malay Gooseberry

Manilkara zapota

fruit of Solanum

Averrhoa carambola

flowers of Starfruit


Gnetum gnemon

the developing strobilus

the developing strobili