21 August 2016


Since SGF, I have been rather busy of late (in other words lazy) and could only managed to post this now. But honestly speaking, I needed some rest to recuperate from the many days and nights of work.

I thought I should post some of these photos on the Orchid Extravaganza before it ends on 28 Aug 16 to make way for another exciting display on South Africa's Tribal Tempo.
These Echinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit' are so fragrant!

The Kniphofias are starting to flower!

The most recently added Olive tree.

These are Iceland Poppies.

Hmm, the floral buds look like .....

the center of the flower with the yellow anthers

the California Garden fruit trees corner

Malus (Apple) tree with a broken branch

a rotten apple

please leave the grapes alone, don't pluck them

Christopher Robin

Winnie the Pooh and Piggy

tuberous Begonias

a female flower


a red and white Begonia to celebrate Singapore's 51st birdthday

a riot of colours

beautiful leaves even without the flowers


orchid arch

all the dancing ladies!

a beautiful Slipper Orchid

antelope Dendrobiums are one of my favourites

Cybidium (Boat Orchid)

can you see the boat?

where's the boat?

the Masdevallia and Dracula orchids area

the Monkey-Faced Orchid

more Slipper Orchids

the orchid bowl

the orchid tree

white Moth Orchid tree

more Cymbidiums

can you see the boat now?

the Secret Garden of a funnel of orchids

I am starting to appreciate variegated Ficus again

Dendrobium nobile hybrids

Renanthera orchids

Ludisia (Jewel Orchid)

another lovely Streptocarpus