07 December 2016


My reliable Sony laptop gave up on me yesterday after close to 4 years of me using it without a glitch. I bought it on 23 Feb 2013 (http://garden-frenzy.blogspot.sg/2013/02/sony-vaio-11136-cg.html) and have been happily using it for so long.

I would love to buy another Sony laptop but alas they do not produce laptops anymore, so I have to settle for this ASUS E402S. No one produces any good laptops anymore or rather, no one produces good electronic products that last more than 2-3 years. Apparently, that is not a good business strategy. Just look at some of those products from yester years that your parents swear by but which are no longer around. If the products last very long, who else is going to buy their products after everyone owns one? So these days, such things are made to last for a short term, so that the market is always around to buy their products.
The specifications are below:
  • CPU Intel 4Core 3710, up to 2.56 GHz
  • HDD 500 GB
  • OS Win 10