24 September 2012


This was the next comedy that I watched. A movie with a soft toy usually appeals to a lot of people but not to me. Alright, I am starting to sound like a drone going on and on about the same thing.

I am not sure if I should classify this as an adult fairy tale? Starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis, it is a story about a boy who had no friends and made a wish on Christmas Eve to have a teddy bear that would be friends with him for life. His wish was somehow granted and the teddy bear, hence the name Ted, grew up with him into his adult years. They remained inseparable to the extent that it affected his relationship with a girl.

To me, the pot-smoking and womanizing teddy bear was hardly appealing. It was vulgar instead. Having said that, I was definitely more entertained by this movie than the previous one. 

The only truly funny moment for me was the few seconds cameo by Ryan Reynolds, in two scenes, who put up an amazing performance as one half of a gay couple. This man has real comic timing, as evident by the few comedies I watched with him in it. His early days in a TV comedic sitcom must have helped him tremendously.