04 January 2013


I don't even know how to begin to describe this heinous crime that happened recently at Yishun Ring Road. When I first heard about this act of abuse, it didn't occur to me how terrible it was. 

But when I saw this photo of a decapitated kitten head with a missing left ear and two legs, it brought some tears to my eyes because I couldn't imagine how anyone could bring himself (I presume it is just a guy although there could be more than one person) to commit this horrendous and inhumane act of mutilating and dismembering two kittens.

I don't know if the abuse was performed when the kittens were alive and the individual body parts were cut off limb by limb, followed sequentially by the body and then the head. If the kittens were subjected to these when they were conscious, they must have suffered tremendous trauma and shock. How can anyone in their right mind carry out this unforgivable deed? What was going on in his mind and how was he feeling? Even if the person suffered abuse at the hands of someone else, it did not give him any right to inflict pain and suffering on these harmless and defenseless animals.

Anyway, this horrific news has gone viral everywhere and SPCA and a British Permanent Resident offer rewards of $2,000 and $8,000 each to anyone who can provide information and leads to help nab the culprit. Two small lives were lost and I hope the authorities apprehend the offender soon.