21 March 2013


Another movie adapted from a fairy tale, this movie got my attention when I noticed Nicholas Hoult as the male lead. I remember him as the young Beast from "X-Men - First Class". In addition, he is starring in another upcoming movie on zombies "Warm Bodies".

Nicholas isn't exactly the handsome male lead type but he is definitely likable with a great smile and have beautiful eyes as blue as the sea. It is always interesting to see how Hollywood interprets their materials, especially simple fairy tales like this. Fe-fy-fo-fam, I smelt a good storyline here and remember the story of Jack and the Beanstalk which would serve as the spine of this movie.

The other cast include one of my favourite actors Ewan McGreggor and Eleanor Tomlinson. I will not give the storyline away but I must admit just when I thought the movie had come to an end, the story unfolded further. It was like eating a cake just to find that there was another underlying layer. To me, this almost seemed like two stories rolled into one.

Having said that, I am looking forward to watch "Warm Bodies".