30 March 2013


When I looked back at the more recent posts, they were hardly on plants and I talked more about the movies I watched instead. I guess it's time to go back to plants since that is what this blog is primarily about. It's not easy to juggle a few blogs, on top of managing my 2 home marine aquariums, even though they are really small.

Anyway, just 2 weeks ago, Gardens by the Bay was abuzz with lots of flowers. To cut things short, I will just list down the locations and species that I am highlighting here:

  • Chinese Garden - Mayodendron igneum (Synonym: Radermachera ignea), Phyllocarpus septentrionalis which I saw flowering for the first time since I have not seen the one I planted in HortPark in bloom before, Cymbidium ensifolium, Hibiscus mutabilis 
  • Hub & Colonial Garden - Grammatophyllum speciosum which was flowering synchronously in the gardens where some had at least 13 spikes when we counted them
  • Meadows & Baby - Posoqueria latifolia, Calotropis gigantea and Afgekia sericea
  • Discovery - Commelina (Family: Commelinaceae) with blue flowers