14 May 2013


This is a post long due because I watched it at least 2 weeks back. This is another sequel and one of the parts of the Marvel Comics franchise, leading to the other upcoming movies such as Thor 2, Captain America 2, The Avengers etc.

I never used to like Robert Downey Jr. when he was acting in "Ally McBeal" because of his smug behaviour and substance abuse. But he has come clean for some time now and his character actually suits the character to a T. Similarly, I didn't use to like Gwyneth Palthrow but I am slowly having a change of heart towards her. She has been compared to Anne Hathaway in terms of their attraction of bad critics and reviews about them despite their very squeaky clean images and good behaviours. There is just something about them that you don't like even though they are so so nice.

Without giving the movie away, I think I enjoyed this more than "Iron Man 2". At the very, very end of the movie after all the credits is the easter egg sequence and viola the incredible hulk made a funny entrance. So he should be coming up soon, if not next. What a way for the producers to play with the minds of the movie-goers, making them anticipate the upcoming movies for at least a year or two.