25 May 2013


I watched Star Trek: Into Darkness today but this isn't the reason why I am so excited that I must post about this today. 

I saw the trailer for the new Superman movie starring Henry Cavill and I feel it is rather promising and seems quite dark compared to the earlier movie starring Brandon Routh, who has a very clean cut image. This Superman did not seem to have it too easy and appeared to have gone through a lot and in fact, seemed to harbour a lot more secrets. Well, this is just my interpretation based on the trailer alone.

Back to the movie I watched today, the newer Star Trek hit the screen in 2009 and this sequel came 4 years later. Starring the same actors Chris Pine as James Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock, this latest movie continues the adventures of Captain Kirk and Spock's as they explore the galaxy although I won't go into the details.

Alright, the new Superman movie will be screening in about a week's time and I am so looking forward to it.