21 July 2013


Attached are photos of the following:
  • a flowering Phaleria clerodendron,
  • a variegated Nyctanthes arbor-tristis (Common Name: Night Flowering Jasmine; Family: Oleaceae),
  • flowers of the Firmiana malayana,
  • Terminalia tree with red leaves,
  • red Lotus flower,
  • bird's nest on a tree,
  • Dalbergia oliveri in flower,
  • a row of flowering Pachira aquatica,
  • a bed of flowering Viola banksii (Common Name: Tasmanian Violet, Ivy-Leafed Violet), and
  • plants at the Hub. 
NB on 9 Aug 13: The Terminalia was mislabeled. The tree is actually Careya arborea (Common Name: Wild Guava, Slow Match Tree, Ceylon Oak; Family: Lecythidaceae)