22 August 2013


I read that "Elysium" topped the US box office last week whilst "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" came in second. I watched "Elysium" last week and frankly, I didn't quite like it.

Starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, it tells the story of a world separated into two classes of people in the year 2154. The rich and elite escaped from a deteriorating earth to live in a space station known as Elysium whereas the remaining population were left behind to inhabit what is left of earth. In Elysium, there is no aging, sickness, poverty or poor and each household has a machine that helps to heal the people whenever they are sick or injured. 

Matt is Max, the unlikely hero who had big dreams when he was young, who in desperation tried all ways and means to get on board a spacecraft to get to Elysium to use one of the machines to heal himself after a freak accident exposed him to lethal doses of radiation and leaving him with just a remaining lifespan of 5 days.

I am not certain why but I wasn't thrilled by the storyline or acting although I must admit I enjoyed Jodie Foster's portrayal as the mega-bitch Secretary of Defense who tried to take over as the President of Elysium.

Now it's time to move on to the next movie.