25 August 2013


I caught the movie and must admit that I enjoyed it more than "Elysium". Based on a young adult fantasy novel, this movie is the first story out of six books. So if this movie does well, sequels would be made to capitalize on the success.

Lily Collins is not one of my favourite young actresses, especially after I saw her in "Mirror Mirror" as Snow White, but she was alright as the lead protagonist Clary here. The cast included the long absent Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who acted as her father, and the taiwanese actor Godfrey Gao, who mesmerized me with his height and eye liners. Interestingly, there was a gay shadowhunter played by Kevin Zegers, and this is a sign that the movie industry is becoming more liberal and is slowly weaving such non-main-stream minority groups as some of the key characters.

Having said that, I must say the storyline was a tad too convoluted in the sense that there were too many things happening at the same time that there wasn't much time for viewers to digest the story. There was never a time when the pace was too slow that it put the audience to sleep, even right from the beginning. But that could be bad too because I think a movie needs moments of fast action and moments of brief respite.

Anyway, I wonder when the next part would be out.