01 September 2013


Following the success of the 2010 movie "Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief" where Uma Thurman played the unforgettable Medusa, the sequel was finally released 3 years later with the same cast starring Logan Lerman, Douglas Smith, Jake Abel, Alexandra Daddario and so on.

This time round, Percy and his team had to find the golden fleece in order to restore the life of the magical tree that created the shield that protected the camp of half-bloods from any outside invasion and to save Mount Olympus from being destroyed by Luke. Here Percy was united with his half-brother, who was actually a cyclops.

Along the way, they took a ride on a magical creature Hippocampus, which is the scientific genus of the seahorse.

Overall, I wasn't quite thrilled by this movie although there were some bit parts that I liked.