06 July 2014


I totally skipped blogging for quite a while because I was really so busy the last couple of weeks. Finally I have some time to catch up on this post which was abruptly cut off.

On the second night of the trip, we went up Cameron Highlands and stayed at Brinchang's Strawberry Park Resort.

There I saw the Cobae scandens (Common Name: Cup and Saucer Vine, Cathedral Bells, Monastery Bells; Family: Polemoniaceae) and many others. Cameron Highlands did not seem to be as cold as I remember it and this time round, there were lots of hotels and buildings under construction and the former Equatorial Hotel (now known as Copthorne Hotel) at the peak is no longer the only hotel in the area. For consumers, there may be more choices but the greenery appears to be slowly replaced by built up areas but I hope the place does not lose its character and appeal.

a purple flower Cobae vine at the Strawberry Park Resort


out of focus Cobae flower in the day


Strawberry Park Resort

Hemerocallis (Daylily)

close-up of flower

yellow-red fire hydrant

red Alstroemeria

close-up of the gorgeous flowers

the Pachystachys lutea is doing so well in the cool climate

Fragrance Nursery

Mums (Chrysanthemum) and Petunia

chimera Petunia hybrid

the grapes are ripening

an assortment of garden Dahlia

Leptospermum scoparia (double petaled red flowers)

close-up of the flowers

a family of lovely but timid kittens
I have been searching for this Azalea

variegated Solanum climber


 variegated Metrosideros with red flowers

beautiful variegated foliage of the Metrosideros

the long red stamens

Rhoeo and Chlorophytum mix

Jade Plant (variegated Crassula argentea) and Alternanthera mix

Ledebouria pauciflora (Synonym: Scilla pauciflora)

blue-green Selaginella


an Adiantum cultivar with reddish new leaves

Asplenium cultivar

red-leaved Begonia


I love this simple Begonia in the garden

an erect Ivy (Hedera helix)

Peperomia rotundifolia

dwarf Rose cultivar

Anthurium with developing fruits on its spadix

flame Vriesea Bromeliad

purplish leaved Nepenthes hybrid

Mums (Chrysanthemum hybrids)


hills of agricultural crops

panoramic view of tea plantation

moth that was spotted in many places

sea coconut

street market at Brinchang

I don't think this is the real Cordyceps

sea coconut

beautiful mix of Mums

roadside kitten

 variegated leaved Impatiens walleriana

Clivia miniata

Abutilon megapotamicum

a beautiful tall red flower Salvia

Stretlizia reginae

real Mums but fake orange Waterlily

beautiful growth of Polygonum capitatum weeds

panoramic view of greenery around resort

tallest Caryota palm

sunrise lit up the top half of the forest in a golden glow

house on hill top

this Cicada was about 8 cm long

Brugmansia with lots of floral buds

an Araucaria grove

I love the Pilea cadierei and Medinilla magnifica

drawing of an owl and lotus etc

repair works along the collapsed hillside

Malacca town

Cheng Ho voyage

painting of 8 horses

stall famous for its Assam Laksa and Chendol


prayers for passengers of MH370

the drive home