21 July 2014


Ginny and Sandy at PS outside the shop where I bought them.
I suddenly had an idea yesterday and bought these two doggies at Plaza Singapura. One represents my former mixed terrier Ginny and one represents my current chihuahua Sandy. I am still looking for a miniature Maltese to represent my former dog Bell.

I intend to bring them to places they have never been. This is also one of my own way of remembering my past two dear darlings.
a smiling Sandy

a puzzled looking Ginny

Sandy loves to be in the limelight

Ginny was just sitting there quietly

Ginny at Spotlight

Sandy and Ginny at Daiso

the real Sandy looking at herself and Ginny

Ginny and Sandy at the Planet with the rising sun behind them

Sandy loves to stick out her tongue

Ginny and Sandy posing beside my Sinningia flower