21 September 2014


The tales of the four constables are based on a chinese wuxia comic book series and I failed to understand how they can shoot it as a trilogy.

The attempts seemed to make each movie of the trilogy to be independent of each other to cater to audiences who did not catch all three installments yet the storyline in the three parts is interwoven. Starring a cast comprising Deng Chao, Liu Yifei, Collin Chou, Ronald Cheng, Anthony Wong, Wu Xiubo, Sheren Tang and Alec Su etc, I wasn't thrilled by the acting or storyline. However, I must admit I find a lot of comic relief and am pleasantly surprised in recent years whenever Alec Su, or was he known as Tommy Su, acted in chinese wuxia movies. As the Emperor in this role, he breathed more life into the character than any of the other four constables, who looked far too serious most of the times.

That said, I am glad they put an end to this trilogy.