31 August 2014


This was the last day of the SGF 2014 and finally the show is coming to an end. We have to wait another two years before the next show comes. There are challenges of staging the flower show in the open air garden compared to an indoor venue at Suntec Convention Centre but I am sure the next show will be even better. So let's look forward to the next show. Till then, these photos are here for keepsake.
the roses are so pretty

Amaranthus tricolor and Cleome hassleriana

a Stag Horn fern

a beautiful white Gentiana

an Olive tree

the linkway between the event site and the Colonnade

a flowering bed of Canna x generalis 'Striatus'

the Colonnade green wall

miniature Dendrobiums

Episcia cultivar

close-up of orchid

outdoor decoration at the Arrival Space

the 3 flowers

entrance arch

beginning of Flower Market at the Hub

a beautiful purple Mokara

Vascostylis orchid

driftwood decor

another driftwood decor

ticketing area near the conservatories

inside the Flower Dome