31 August 2014


L08 Full Circle? by Andy Sturgeon
The SGF 2014 was a roaring success with a huge crowd turnout. It is not evident from these photos taken on 17 Aug 14 because I took them before the crowd comes in.
the cones remind me of kachang puteh

L07 Australasia by Jim Fogarty

L06 Japanese Wind by Yosuke Yamaguchi

L05 Vertical by Brendan Moar

I love the plant combination

L04 Heaven on Earth by Vincent Chia

the greenery is very lush here

the view from behind and front was totally different

the same Vertical from behind

Japanese Wind from behind

Australasia from behind

Full Circle? from behind

L03 Layered Spaces by Joe Palimeno

L02 Introspections by Srilalitha Gopal

L01 Sacred Grove by Andrew Wilson and Gavin McWilliam

Sacred Grove from behind

the outdoor stage

fashion show, anyone?

Introspections from behind

the indoor Fantasy Gardens F07 Perspective

F06 Green Abstraction

F03 Winter Illusion

many visitors were drawn to this tunnel view of another world

it's like Narnia behind the wardrobe

F02 Tartarus the multiple award winning design based on greek mythology

Mount Olympus

F01 Natura Artificiosa

SGF display by NParks

an array of orchid displays outside the Meadows toilet

path up the CIB and Balcony Gardens

amazing display by Singapore Gardening Society

I love the overall composition

an olive tree trunk with branches pieced together

the Balcony Gardens B08 Andy Eng's Secret Garden

B07 Rock Paradise

B06 Contemporary Zen Balcony Garden

B05 Art of Nature

B04 Joy of Living

B02 Juxtaposition: Divergence of Elements

B01 Plantz for Life

CIB garden - touch

CIB garden - sight

CIB garden - taste

CIB garden - sound
CIB garden - smell

creative outdoor display by SBG's Alan Tan

the award winners for Landscape Gardens

Gardens by the Bay's outdoor display at Arrival Space

the driftwood chair

the driftwood at the Corypha palm

back view of the driftwood

3D art and decor outside the Flower Dome entrance

an olive tree trunk dressed up

a driftwood of Nepenthes and bromeliads

lychee tree trunk with ants and orchids of warm colours

lychee tree trunk with ants and orchids of cool colours

close-up of Phalaenopsis