23 August 2014


I must admit I had negative expectations of this Marvel Comics movie before I watched it and hence was pleasantly surprised to enjoy it.

In fact, I read that this movie took the box office by surprise too. I attribute it to the charismatic and humorous Chris Pratt, who lit up the screen with his presence in every scene he was in. Everyone suddenly sat up and took notice of the versatile Chris Pratt, who by far didn't seem to be in the league of big boys. I read that in US the women made up the majority of movie-goers for this movie and swooned all over him. They must all be so jealous of his wife Anna Faris, another comedian whom I like. With this movie, I am sure a lot of meaty roles will come his way.

Interestingly, Vin Diesel was the voice for Groot while Bradley Cooper was the voice for Rocket the genetically engineered raccoon. Who could recognize them and Lee Pace, behind the face of Ronan the Accuser, whom was the Elven King Thranduill in 'The Hobbit" series as well as the nomadic vampire Garrett in 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'?

The easter egg segment though was really meaningless.
Gamora, Peter Quill / Star Lord, Groot and Drax

Do we see Rocket or Bradley?
Guest star Glenn Close as Nova Prime Irani Rael

Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser