17 October 2014


Vlad the Impaler
 This is yet another version of Dracula known as "Dracula Untold". 

This remake stars Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper and Charles Dance etc. Luke as a young boy Vlad was raised by the Turks and trained with other boys as ruthless soldiers. In order to save more villages, Vlad massacred an entire village and displayed his victims by impaling them to send a strong message. He was conferred the Prince of Transylvania and for years, he thought he could protect his people from harm.

However, the Turks came demanding for 1,000 boys along with his son one day. To save his family and villagers from the strong Turkish army, he turned to the dark side by seeking a master vampire in the mountains to turn him into the undead with powers strong enough to defeat the army. He was given 3 days, within which if he failed to drink any blood he could be restored back as a human once again.

He led all the villagers to retreat to a monastery and in the ensuing battle against the Turkish ruler and his army, he lost his wife Mirena and in a bid to fulfill her wish to save their son, he drank her blood so that he could remain as the all powerful vampire. He offered the surviving villagers a chance for vengeance by turning them into vampires like him and he and his legion of vampires defeated the Turkish army. That was when the other vampires turned on Vlad and wanted to feed on his human son. Vlad used his power to clear the cloak of cloud cover and all vampires and him were burnt to death under the scorching heat of the sun's rays.

Vlad was raised from the dead by his worshiper who fed the corpse with his blood and he remained in seclusion away from the public's eyes in the years to come. The movie ended in the present day where Vlad spotted a woman Mina in the busy streets and chatted her up before leaving together, with the master vampire following them closely behind, unknown to them.

I wasn't particularly bowled over by the design but it was not a bad movie either.
the Turkish Sultan


the Master Vampire