04 October 2014


view from the foyer
This is the latest display in Flower Dome following the SGF Orchid Extravaganza.

Titled "Indian Safari", it showcases a number of animals in a garden setting, which kind of reminded me of the movie "The Life of Pi". The peacocks are prominently featured here as it is an important part of the indian culture. Some Dahlias are also on show here as a prelude to a bigger show next year. Stay tuned for the thematic display that is coming up in a few months time.
a white peacock is perched on the tower of red

close-up of the white peacock with its open fantail

tigers and snakes which I saw from afar

a beautiful Pelargonium

close-up of the tiger and Cosmos sulphureus cultivar

another Pelargonium

a white peacock with white Dendrobium as tail

this white peacock has Phalaenopsis as its tail

beautiful grass against a background of red and yellow

can you spot the elephants?

some Dahlias

snakes and ladder

3 peacocks in view


close-up of peacock

a giant teddy bear

a half-hearted Dahlia

the final prelude

there is always one for everyone