26 June 2012


Today's weather - sunny
I bought this book, priced at $26, last Friday even though I have been eyeing to buy it for a while now since I read about the recent launch. It was with much trepidation and excitement when I held onto this wonderful book co-authored by Horace Tan and Khew Sin Khoon.

It is a book that was so long in the making since taking photos of different instars of the caterpillars and pupae, of the butterflies, would probably have taken so much time and effort. I paused with abated breath and with butterflies in my stomach before flipping open the first page. 

I think Khew and Horace should go on to produce books on butterflies around this region. It is such a wonderful read and I am glad to have been acquainted with the most knowledgeable Khew years ago.