03 June 2012


The pedestrian overhead bridge in front of Central Mall was planted with the Bauhinia kockiana. Further in the background stood a Yellow Rain Tree. 

In the Central Mall podium were two red lampshades, which received a revival in Hong Kong recently for its subtle but significant illumination of meat in wet markets where the red glow provided a better appreciation of the meat by the buyers. The giant lampshade were constructed and sliced into two separate structures to provide seating spaces for the shoppers to rest their legs. Interestingly, when viewed from outside, there appeared to be a dozen of legs below the lampshade but these are all fake and are merely supporting structures to hold the lampshade upright.

Over at Illuma, which is renamed as Bugis + recently, I was captivated by the rooftop gardens that covered part of the facade of the iconic building. Renovations are ongoing and the new and biggest Uniqlo store in Singapore will open its doors here to visitors soon.