17 June 2012


Today's weather - sunny

I had a weird dream yesterday morning and I guessed it must be due to work related stress. A lot of the contents did not make much sense, so I really do not know how to interpret it.

In the dream, I remembered that I won an award for something and had to go on stage to receive the award from a Minister or some high level officer, which I shall refer to as the award presenter. The presenter was standing at the far end of the stage and I had to walk towards him from the other side. As I started walking towards him, I suddenly felt something strange and had great difficulty walking properly. I did not dare to look down because there were many people in the audience and after a while, I realized that the legs of my jeans were somehow tangled together. As a result, it took me a long time to make that short walk towards the presenter.

As I struggled towards the presenter, he grew impatient and just when I was a few feet away from him, there was an announcement for some other award presentation. It became very awkward for me because there I was on the stage but instead of receiving the award and going down the steps, I had to move behind the presenter and stand there. After a brief moment, I spoke to the person who passed the awards to the presenter to try and diffuse the awkwardness.

That was when I woke up suddenly. I wonder what all these mean? Am I overworked?