22 July 2012


Today's weather - sunny
This top photo was taken on 4 Jul 12, the third photo was taken on 8 Jul 12 at 8:22 am and the remaining photos on the Brugmansia were taken on 9 Jul 12 at 10:07 pm.

Within 4 days, the lady's finger-looking floral buds sent out its down hanging trumpets and within about 2 days, the trumpets opened up to reveal pink blooms with a strong fragrance.

For days, I walked by this area to catch a whiff of the intoxicating scent and appreciate the numerous pendulous flowers. It was quite a while ago since the last time this happened.

For photo 2, this is the seed pod and these are the seeds of the Gloriosa superba (common name: Glory Lily, Fire Lily, Flame Lily). I couldn't stand the crinkled pod any longer and proceeded to break it open. I don't know whether the seeds are ripe enough for germination though. I just read up on this interesting monocotyledonous climber and found out that it is from the Family Colchicaceae and all parts of this part contain colchicine, especially in the roots and seeds. The lethal dose of colchicine is about 6 mg and it was used by people to commit suicide. In fact, the leaves and roots are also known to cause irritation. Thank goodness I am not affected by this plant.