15 July 2012


I watched the first movie "Painted Skin" (画皮) starring Chen Kun, Vicki Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun and absolutely enjoyed it then. So it is without a doubt that I would catch this second part "Painted Skin - The Resurrection" starring the same 3 actor and actresses.

In this installment were also actors and actress such as Kris Fei Xiang, Yang Mi and Feng Shaofeng, who were both starring in the mainland chinese serial "Palace". Unlike the first movie, I wasn't captivated by this new love story, which seemed rather unconvincing to me. I was bored by the storyline and fell asleep at one point. I love Chen Kun but he was just so so here. Vicki and Zhou Xun did not seem to be in their best element though they were equally good. Yang and Feng played forgettable small roles, which are not really pivotal to the development of the story.

What is alluringly touching is the theme song "画心" (Painted Heart), which I attached here, sang by 张靓颖 which I remember from the original movie "Painted Skin".