25 November 2012


I missed taking the photos of the Autumn Harvest when the display was first done up. There were Sunflowers then.

Finally, I managed to take these photos before the Christmas display is up. The following are just some of the stuff that fascinated me:

  • varieties of Heuchera (Family: Saxifragaceae)
  • varieties of Pumpkin
  • varieties of Maize / Corn
  • farm animals
  • Fuchsia cultivar (Family: Onagraceae)
  • Riccinus communis (Common Name: Castor Oil Plant; Family: Euphorbiaceae)
  • Rosa cultivars (Family: Rosaceae)
  • Pilea involucrata 'Moon Valley' (Common Name: Friendship Plant; Family:)
  • Fittonia cultivars (Common Name: Nerve Plant; Family: Acanthaceae)