13 November 2012


This is a theme garden that I love because it has quite a few interesting trees here which I am still trying to learn.

This native Aralidium pinnatifidum tree (Family: Aralidaceae) with interesting pinnately-lobed leaves flowered recently. As observed from the photos, the inflorescence is a panicle with small creamy unisexual flowers.

I am certain that the next tree is an Ardisia (Family: Primulaceae) although I have yet to find out the specific epithet. The pendulous compound umbel inflorescence bears lovely fuchsia pink flowers that caught my attention from afar. How pretty they look! 

Anyway, under the APG III (Angiosperm Phylogeny Group) flowering plant classification system, the former Myrsinaceae is no longer recognized and it is now placed under the Primulaceae Family.