13 November 2012


The British movie starring Richard Dillane started with the screening of unseen video footage of a missing team of British Crytozoological Society explorers, cameramen and a local guide who went on an expedition to the Congo to investigate the sighting of a creature similar to the legendary Loch Ness monster. Following the discovery of this, a second rescue team was sent to unravel the mystery of what happened to the first team of explorers.

Most of the movie was shown through the video camera of Luke, who is the son of the leader Johnathan of the first explorer team and who secretly sneaked onto the helicopter carrying the crew. Needless to say, deep in the african jungle existed prehistoric creatures e.g. pterosaur, never before seen or documented by man. Through the shaky video footage, we saw how the team encountered predatory creatures which picked on the team one by one until a sole survivor remained. I will not give way the identity of this survivor here.

The movie ended with the discovery of the whereabouts of the survivor. None of the faces were familiar to me but I think this movie is kind of entertaining although it is not made out to be a blockbuster.