12 April 2013


Just yesterday as I was walking from the Visitor's Centre drop-off bay to the Satay by the Bay, I came across this short avenue of trees that caught my attention. Clusters of breathtakingly beautiful yellow flowers adorn the almost leafless trees.

The trees looked familiar and reminded me of the Tabebuia chrysotricha (Family: Bignoniaceae), which is the National Tree of Brazil, I have seen before although it was not as impressive in terms of its stature and flowering. With excitement, I was certain that this is the Tabebuia chrysantha (chrysantha means golden flower in greek), which on the other hand is the National Tree of Venezuela, although both share the same Common Name (Golden Trumpet Tree). Compared to T. chrysotricha, the leaves of the T. chrysantha are larger and the flowers are in larger clusters. Another interesting feature is the slightly bronzy leaves, floral buds and long dehiscent capsules, which bear wind dispersed winged seeds, are covered with fine hairs.

Another similar looking tree with silverish leaves and golden flowers is T. argentea (Common Name: Silver Trumpet Tree, Carribean Trumpet Tree).

I hope I will be lucky enough to see the ground littered with its fallen yellow flowers to form a beautiful carpet.