04 April 2013


It was movie week for me and I caught this sci-fi movie starring one of my favourite actress Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, Jake Abel and William Hurt.

Set in the future where an alien "amoeba-like" parasite known as souls came to earth to inhabit the bodies of humans. When that happens, the human host usually loses its self-consciousness and gets taken over by the identity of the inhabitant, which is able to tap into the memories of the former. In some rare cases, the human host is strong, resilient and possesses a consciousness to resist the soul. Saoirse as Melanie Stryder, is one such case. 

Taken away from her younger brother Jamie by a group of possessed humans and implanted with a soul known as "wanderer", her love and desperation to find her brother gave her the will to co-exist with the wanderer in a single body. On the other hand, the kind and compassionate wanderer which live thousands of years and traveled across the intergalaxy was moved by Melanie's personality and love for her brother and boyfriend Jared that it helped her escape to seek out her uncle in the desert. Hot on her heels is her alien pursuer known as the Seeker, who was relentlessly obsessive with converting Melanie into one of their kind.

Melanie was rescued by her uncle, found her brother and boyfriend while at the same time, the wanderer fell for one of the humans Ian. Conflicted with the feelings of two minds in a single body with two separate lovers, Melanie has to race against time to maintain her sanity to save herself, the wanderer, her brother and the rest of the human survivors.

Saoirse gets prettier by the day, since I last saw her in "The Lovely Bones" and earns my respect that she's one of the best younger actresses, with a squeaky clean image, of today. Max Irons, who is Jeremy Irons son, and Jake Abel delivered credible performances in the movie as skeptics who initially doubted Melanie's continued existence with an alien soul in her body but turned protective towards the two separate identities in the latter part of the movie.

I don't think this movie did well at the box office because there was hardly anyone in the cinema. I guess it may appear very strange to viewers to see two minds conversing with each other throughout the movie but I enjoyed it nevertheless.