22 December 2014


Hiro and Tadashi's friends

I watched two hero movies recently and the first one "Big Hero 6" is the latest animated movie on our screens that was inspired by Marvel Comics' superhero team. 

Set in a futuristic city known as San Fransokyo (hybrid city between San Franciso and Tokyo), the movie first introduced Tadashi Hamada who worked as a young robotics designer in a university. He and his friends at the robotics lab formed a team and designed products that were meant to serve mankind. Tadashi designed a healthcare robot known as Baymax and tried to influence his wayward younger brother Hiro to join him at the university.

Hiro was amazed with what he saw at the laboratory and tried to apply for admission to the university by presenting his new invention microbots at an annual exhibition. His microbots impressed the audience but unfortunately, a fire broke out and in a bid to save professor Callaghan, head of department of the team, Tadashi lost his life, leaving behind a grieving Hiro with his Baymax.

A despondent Hiro accidentally activated Baymax and through it discovered a villain who used his microbots. One thing led to another and the team found out that professor Callaghan wasn't dead and was behind the whole thing. I shan't give the entire story away but the ending was of course a happy one.

From the reviews, I discovered that the movie had an easter egg just like the rest of the Marvel comic movies but unfortunately I missed it!