26 December 2014


The Christmas Festival Market came to an end on 21 Dec 14. Fortunately, I managed to take these photos on 15 Dec 14 before the onset of rain.

For almost every night, the Supertree Grove came to life not just because of the OCBC Rhapsody but also because of the Festival Market of the Christmas Wonderland.

I also managed to take some time-lapsed photos, which I thought were quite interesting.
the resolution of the iphone is not good for night long distance photos

the very popular Spalliera

the inside of Culina

the Supertree Grove was lit up for the occasion

the crowd was overwhelming

the Casa Armonica

a pink Cryptanthus bivittatus

Crescentia alata

a half lit Copernicia

the Mussaenda erythrophylla looked good even under the night lights


the GB booth

the interesting murals on the Spiegeltent

the spiegeltent from afar

items in Isetan

panoramic view of the Spalliera

a Hosta cultivar in the Flower Dome

a fake looking but real Dahlia cultivar

a driftwood goose

the arch at the Arrival Space

the arch at the Dragonfly Bridge

view from the Dragonfly Bridge