22 December 2014


This was the chinese hero movie that I caught 2 weeks ago. However, I must admit this movie was a letdown to me.

Starring Eddie Peng as the young legendary hero Huang Feihong, Sammo Hung, Tony Leung, Angelababy, Jing Boran etc, this movie traced the path of how the junior Huang formed a youth gang with his childhood brothers and sisters, whose families were killed by the gangs, in an attempt to bring down the ringleaders and their gangs to restore peace and harmony to the community.

Naturally, there was nothing to complain about the fighting scenes but the storyline was feeble. The brotherhood was touching and I cringed when Huang almost had to slice off the tongue of his buddy Fiery and maimed him. On the other hand, I found Angelababy's role as Xiao Hua tragic and her ending was laughable.

In the end, of course good triumphed over bad. Otherwise there would never be the famous Master Huang Feihong in the many other stories in the other movies. In comparison, Jet Li's movies at least two decades ago of the same legend was way better and much more impressionable.