27 November 2011


From the producer of the movie "300", this is another movie based loosely on the greek mythology. Starring Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke, Freida Pinto, Luke Evans, Kellan Lutz and so on, the movie trails the emotional journey taken by the jaded Theseus, who lost faith in the gods and his people, and after the slaying of his mother, went on to find the god created weapon Epirus Bow before leading his people to revolt against the arch villain Hyperion, Heraklion King of Crete.

Unknown to Theseus, he was guarded by the father of the gods Zeus since young, and grew up to become a great warrior. The gods from Mount Olympus were not supposed to interfere in the conflicts of mankind until the imprisoned titans are released from Mount Tartarus. In the fight against the titans, a few gods died and Zeus destroyed the temple in an attempt to kill the titans before returning to Mount Olympus with the body of his daughter Athena. With the aid of the Oracle and his newfound allies, he went on to defeat and kill Hyperion, and was ascended to the heavens as a god for what he did for his people.

The story continues as his son with the Oracle also inherits the power of future vision. Anyway, the movie was just passable for me.