22 November 2011


Today's weather - sunny
This Taiwanese movie, best known in Mandarin as "那些年,我們一起追的女孩", was shown here recently. It made the two newcomer stars Ko Cheng-Tung (柯震东) and Michelle Chen (陈妍希) famous in Taiwan and the movie received lots of rave reviews and beat the record set by "Monga".

Based on the author cum director Giddens Ko's (九把刀) coming of age life story, it chronicles his high school growing up years and how he met the girl of his dreams and was mesmerized by her for life even though he eventually did not get to marry her. I shan't say more about the plot since there are already so many posts on it out there. There was a controversial classroom masturbation scene that almost see this movie being classified with a different rating that would exclude those below 21 years old.

Anyway, the charismatic and endearing pair held the movie up with their onscreen chemistry and natural acting. Who would have thought the refreshing female lead Michelle is actually 27 years old in real life! The male lead Ko also released a new Mandarin album recently.