21 November 2011


 Today's weather - fine
This is the second movie I watched recently starring Justin Timberlake. With a cast that includes Amanda Seyfried, Cilian Murphy and Olivia Wilde, and cameos by Matt Bomer from the TV series 'White Collar' and Alex Pettyfer from the movie 'I am Number Four'.

Set in 2161, but which strangely looks no different from today, it traces the story of mankind in a not so distant future, where humans are genetically programmed to live until age 25 and die. That is, unless they are able to receive more borrowed time from others before their lives come to an end. In this world, money is of no use and the only valuable currency is the remaining time on their hands. Everything is paid or earned in number of hours. Similar to most other science-fi movies, the rich rules and runs everything whilst the poor are relegated to living a life on the edge.

A digital clock is embedded on everyone's hand, which helps them to keep track of the time they have and when the clock counts down to zero, the person would die a sudden death. Of course the story is not as simple as this, and I do find the storyline quite unique and interesting. Playing Justin's, the character Will,  50 years old mother Rachel who never aged a single day beyond 25 yo, Olivia missed a train home because she couldn't afford the increased fare. She ran out of time, collapsed and died in Justin's arms just a split second before he could transfer some of his time to save her. That is where the story began when Justin set out to avenge her death. With Cilian as Raymond, the timekeeper, who is hot on his heels for owning more time than he actually had, he has to run for his life with Amanda, who plays Sylvia, the time loan businessman cum millionaire's daughter, and survive the chase.

Well, I have to admit I kind of enjoyed the movie.