09 August 2012


I posted about the Gloriosa superba in recent weeks and these were the seed pods of the two flowers. As I explained earlier, I couldn't stand it any more and took matters into my own hands by peeling open the unripe fruits. This might not be the most wise thing to do because I might have prevented the seeds from becoming fully mature and destroyed the viability of the seeds germinating. Well, this is definitely a case of curiosity kills the seeds, not cat.

Anyway, I am a Brugmansia fanatic as seen by the many recent posts on the development of the twenty odd pink flowers. I have been a convert since the day I saw the beautiful plants along the streets of Philippines. The many undulating flowers of various shades left an indelible mark on my mind since that fateful day. Sadly, I have no photos to show for it because I was sick along the journey.

Here are the many photos of the developing buds and flowers. What I cannot capture is the intoxicating and lingering fragrance in the air that had me coming back to this corner every other moment, just to take in a whiff of its unique scent. It is truly an amazing plant.