27 December 2013


The CDL Green Gallery, Singapore Botanic Garden's Heritage Museum, was officially opened by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 30 Nov 13. The 'Living in a Garden' exhibition featured the rich history of the 154 years garden and there are a lot interactive displays in the gallery that will entertain the visitors. Outside along the walkway are displayed photographic boards of the gardens taken throughout the decades.

Just nearby is the Corypha umbraculifera which flowered last year after more than 80 years of being planted in the garden. The flowering and fruiting stages are coming to an end soon, which would culminate in the death of the majestic palm.

Boardwalk leading to the entrance

A cut-out of MM Lee Kwan Yew to commemorate his contribution towards Singapore's greening through the decades

The weaved tapestry of the interiorscape mirrors the verdant greenery nationwide

A vision of a wondrous future Singapore

A pink Arundina hybrid?

The end stages of the fruiting Corypha

A close-up of the infrutescences