31 December 2013


This is the last post for me in 2013. Instead of joining any countdown party, here I am at home posting this.

When I was at the Pavilion shopping mall 3 years ago, I remembered it just opened its doors. Now it was decked with Christmas decor everywhere and Christmas carols imbued the air. 

The entire place was so packed with shoppers and the atmosphere was extraordinarily vibrant. The snow flakes really took my breath away.

That night, I bought a few shirts at Lot 10 but didn't manage to go to Sungei Wang.
Shine bright like the snowflakes at Pavilion!

Nice white cottage house

Shoppers were everywhere!

I have always love snow flakes!

Beautiful blossoms artwork made of buttons!

The Line App mascots and characters were all over.


Phoenix vase
View from Westin

What was mundane looking in the day became extraordinary with the lights at night.

Christmas decor at Lot 10