01 December 2013


This is the second part of "The Hunger Games" trilogy and continues from the first which was released in March 2012. Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson and others, I am glad the movie didn't disappoint me. 

The political situation was getting more complicated and a revolution appears to be inevitable. As the 13 Districts sent their representatives to partake in a death battle in the Third Quarter Quell to celebrate the 75th Hunger Games, the mastermind behind it all had plans to take down all those who opposed him in igniting the upstaging.

As in the first movie, the fiery costumes are all a minor part of the highlights. In particular, Katniss's white swan-like dress transformed into a black one after the dress caught fire when she performed her turns. Then there was the Monarch Butterfly dress and hair adornment that was kind of eye catching and tickled me pink.

In the first movie, the memorable tagline was "may the odds be ever in your favour" and in this latest one, it is "remember who the enemy is" to drive home the point that despite the fact that the participants of the Quarter Quell were opponents pitted against each other to be the ultimate survivor, they all had a common enemy that they wanted to take down.

So when is the last installment coming out? I am already looking forward to it.